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Weight: 198 lbs
Amps: 200 AMP hours
6000 peak watts
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Part Number: AEP-OX

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    When you need emergency electricity due to storms, blizzards or power outages, the AEB OX Power Plant can provide you with hours or days of comfort and security for your minor power needs. It stores easily in the garage and can be brought into the house easily to run your necessary appliances.

    The AEB OX Mini Power Plant has many uses around your home or on vacation. It becomes ideal for people uncomfortable with the noise and exhaust problems of temporary generators. Its marine grade construction helps protect it in seaside environments.

    The AEB OX Mini Power Plant was designed to meet your temporary power needs with 200 Amp Hours and 3000 Watts of  Deep Cell power storage.  The systems uses quality AGM batteries with cooling system for longer life. The system is portable, with a rugged case and convenient handle and trolley system. Can be recharged by Solar or standard electrical outlet. (Unlike many small Solar Generators that take days to recharge because they can only be recharged with solar panels, the AEB OX Mini Power Plant can be recharged in about five hours with a 110 outlet.)  See  our power use chart for ideas about the kinds of appliances. 
    was used all night long to run 10 flood lights on a fishing boat and then ran a 20 cubic foot refrigerator for 20 hours.