Over a Decade of Caring to Help You Care
The GearMax® “M, L, and XL” Series are now used extensively by Police, Fire and Rescue personnel throughout the country. The GearMax® system provides the perfect solution for professions that require a large amount of gear to be ready and available at a moment’s notice. Simply grab it and go. When at the scene our design will unfold with one quick zip, transforming into a wall of ventilated pockets placing all contents within easy reach for unpacking and packing. The mesh pockets allow a quick inventory of clothing and gear while providing superior ventilation that inhibits odor and mildew at the station or at home. The hanging hook will instantly hang on the truck, the trunk, on a locker or door, or virtually anywhere outdoors. The patent pending design allows quick access when time is of the essence. The entire GearMax® line of back packs look and carry like conventional back packs or can be toted as a conventional duffel.

The entire GearMax® line can be customized with your department logo. We offer the very finest in embroidered emblems and customized department names