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    Prepare your team to handle challenging work situations from how to perform effective on-the-job training, to handling conflicts and workplace stress. Help your employees understand how to handle diversity, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Also, help your employees recognize potential substance abuse and how to handle violence in the workplace.

    This 9 DVD Combo-Pack includes:

    1. Adult Learning 2. Conflict Management 3. Discrimination in the Workplace 4. Diversity in the Workplace 5. OJT Mentor 6. Sexual Harassment Awareness 7. Stress Management and Prevention 8. Substance Abuse Awareness 9. Violence in the Workplace

    Total Training Time = ~3 hours and 20 minutes Total Video Run Time = 2+ hours Testing Time = ~1 hour and 20 minutes

    This 9 DVD Combo-Pack includes:

    Adult Learning Conflict Management Discrimination in the Workplace Diversity in the Workplace OJT Mentor Sexual Harassment Awareness Stress Management and Prevention Substance Abuse Awareness Violence in the Workplace

    5.4 Hours (3.75 hours video + 1.6 hours test)

    PLEASE NOTE: All DVDs include a link printed on the inside cover for customers to download printable tests and other documents.

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