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Topics Covered in This Course:

  • Common equipment motions and actions
  • Common equipment hazards, including, entanglement, nip points, draw-in hazards, impact hazards, crushing hazards, cutting and puncturing hazards, burn and abrasion hazards, electrical hazards, and high-pressure hazards
  • Common causes of machine hazard incidents
  • Best practices for hazard identification and avoidance
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    Equipment in the workplace causes many incidents every year. Hazards exist where there is a risk of human contact with a machine's moving parts. Movement can occur at startup, during operation, or while a machine is stopping. Many incidents occur due to malfunctioning or missing machine guarding, or to workers taking shortcuts. It is important to know the types of hazards that equipment typically creates in order to avoid incidents. This course will cover common types of hazards associated with equipment, as well as how to identify and avoid these hazards.

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