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HICS Set - Cloth 89 Vests for Hospital Incident Command System
HICS 89 piece Vest Set for the Hospital Incident Command System. Used in hospitals and medical facilities during disaster drills and actual medical disaster incidents. Now required by most JACHO, compliance audits this complete HICS set will have your key hospital staff visibly recognized and better organized for major medical incidents and disaster drills. 
Twill cloth split-front style vests. Vests are made of White 65/35 poplin with colored edge binding to match the HICS title group .  Vests are 18 in. wide by 24 in. in length. Vests feature 2 lower pockets, side elastic straps, front velcro closure with a small front title on the left-hand side front and larger title on the back. 


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    Titles in our set include the following:


    White vest with Black Trim
    Incident Commander     
    Public Information Officer     
    Safety Officer     
    Liaison Officer     

    Technical Specialist Sub Group

    • Medical Technical Specialist     
    • Biological/Infectious Disease    
    • Chemical    
    •  Radiological    
    •  Clinic Administration    
    •  Hospital Administration    
    •  Legal Affairs    
    •  Risk Management    
    •  Pediatric Care    
    •  Medical Staff    
    •  Medical Ethicist    

    White Vest - Red Trim


    White Vest - Red Trim
    Operations Section Chief     
    Staging Manager    
    Personnel Staging Team Leader   
    Vehicle Staging Team Leader   
    Equipment/Supply Staging Team Leader   
    Medication Staging Team Leader   
    Medical Care Branch Director    
    Inpatient Unit Leader   
    Outpatient Unit Leader   
    Casualty Care Unit Leader   
    Triage Officer (*)  
    Minor Treatment (*)  
    Delayed Treatment (*)  
    Immediate Treatment (*)  
    Mental Health Unit Leader   
    Clinical Support Services Unit Leader   
    Patient Registration Unit Leader   
    Infrastructure Branch Director    
    Power/Lighting Unit Leader   
    Water/Sewer Unit Leader   
    HVAC Unit Leader   
    Building/Grounds Damage Unit Leader   
    Medical Gases Unit Leader   
    Medical Devices Unit Leader   
    Environmental Services Unit Leader   
    Food Services Unit Leader   
    Hazmat Branch Director    
    Detection and Monitoring Unit Leader   
    Spill Response Unit Leader   
    Victim Decontamination Unit Leader   
    Facility/Equipment Unit Leader   
    Security Branch Director    
    Access Control Unit   
    Crowd Control Unit   
    Traffic Control Unit   
    Search Unit   
    Law Enforcement Interface Unit   
    Business Continuity Branch Director    
    Information Technology Unit leader   
    Service Continuity Unit Leader   
    Records Preservation Unit Leader   
    Business Function Relocation Unit Leader   
    Pharmacy Services (**)  
    Diagnostic Radiology Services  (**) 
    Laboratory Services   (**)
    Morgue Services   (**)
    Blood Donor Services  (**) 
    Chaplain   (**)


    White Vest with Royal Blue Trim:
    Planning Section Chief     
    Resources Unit Leader    
    Personnel Tracking Manager   
    Material Tracking Manager   
    Situation Unit Leader    
    Patient Tracking Manager   
    Bed Tracking Manager   
    Documentation Unit Leader    
    Demobilization Unit Leader    


    White Vest with Yellow Trim:
    Logistics Section Chief     
    Service Branch Director    
    Communications Unit   
    IT/IS Unit   
    Staff Food and Water Unit Leader   
    Support Branch Director    
    Employee Health and Well-Being Unit Leader   
    Family Care Unit Leader   
    Supply Unit   
    Facilities Unit Leader   
    Transportation Unit Leader   
    Labor Pool & Credentialing Unit Leader   


    White Vest with Dark Green Trim: 
    Finance/Administration Section Chief     
    Time Unit Leader    
    Procurement Unit Leader    
    Compensation/Claims Unit Leader    
    Cost Unit Leader    

    (*) - In the conversion from HEICS to HICS, several titles were omitted that our customers have requested. Mainly the Triage Group of leaders. Because we received these requests several times, this is now part of our standard full set.  See titles marked with one asterisk.

    (**) - Like the above, larger hospitals have requested that specific critical departments groups be "re-included" in the set (HICS dropped include these). In additional the "Chaplain" title had never been included, but we always get requests for this as well, so we have included this as well in our full set. If you feel either of the asterisked group of verst are unnecessary, please talk to us changes or removal.