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One tube, Adult Size, Blood Pressure Bladder for one-hander B/P units.

(meaning that the unit has a bulb and gauge as a single unit)

If your Blood pressure unit needs two tubes to function see the following selection of

two-tube blood pressure bladders.

The replacement units slide back through the slot in the cloth cuff.

Size: 8 - 3/4" long x 4 3/4" high (+/-)

Note: Our units are generic and will fit about 95% of the manual units in circulation. If you require a specific bladder for a specific manufacturer, check with them first before purchasing. Please use the measurements above to verify the cuff interior size before purchasing as well.

These bladders have many more uses than just for checking blood pressures. many

hobbyists and inventors use these unit for different purposes.

Part Number: PM88BL

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