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Here at we ship by a variety of ways to get your package to you as quickly and as economically as possible. We process, pick, pack and ship all in-stock items for you typically in 1-3 business days. We probably offer more shipping methods than anyone around. Standard stock items may take a week. Please understand that sometimes even our quick-ship items sell out unexpectedly and we make every effort to fill your order as quickly as possible. 

Items  requiring special assembly, the addition of non-stock items, customer imprinting or embroidery may take up to three weeks (each case if different) depending upon its complexity. Please let us know if you have a special deadline at the time of your order so we can make every effort to meet your schedule.  If you are in a hurry, review the type of item you are requesting and give us a call to see what if we can meet your schedule.  . 

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U.S. Postal System First Class Mail

First Class Mail: Our standard shipping for packages (that are less than 10 oz. shipping in the continental United States) is typically 1-6 days. Please make sure your address listed is one that has daily postal delivery.  Small errors in address can hold up these orders or increase your cost.  For small items, this is the least expensive shipping method, but not everyone gets daily Postal deliveries.  If you aren't part of a regular Postal Route, please refer to UPS Ground methods instead. 

Priority Mail: For those needing faster delivery, you should consider requesting USPS Priority Mail.  Most deliveries require  2-3 business days, this this is neither guaranteed or insured.  Package weights can range from 1 ounce to 70 pounds.  This is a great value for the majority of the year, but we don't recommend this service during the holidays if you have a timetable to meet.   Again, the delivery address must be one where the Postal Service offers a daily delivery.  If not, please use UPS 3-day, UPS 2-Day or Overnight service from UPS.

USPS International Mail: 

For those needing items outside the US (and we ship a lot of international mail), please select either First Class International, International Priority Mail or International Express Mail.  There are weight, size and dimension requirements and ceilings for each method including UPS and DHL shipments..  Once your items are loaded in the shopping cart, the correct selections will appear based upon those parameters - please select the method of your choice.  We always  use the method you have selected.

In the past, the US Postal Service would give us an estimation of time for delivery.  With the exception of International Express Mail, this doesn't seem the to be case any longer.  We have had packages go from the US to Australia in less than a week, while small packages to Dubai would take months.  We will provide you with a customs number (can be used for the scans and locations of the package), but this isn't really tracking like FedEx or DHL would provide.  

Because of the additional paperwork required for shipping, please allow a few extra days for package preparation on top of the product information you see above.  Some items may require re-stocking and this can create delays in shipping.  If you have any questions, please send an e-mail.  Please be advised that we DO NOT pay duties or taxes due from the consumer upon delivery.  These are your responsibilities.  There are many resources in each country to effectively describe how these fees are processed and what they are and when they are due.  This is a normal and expected part of importing goods into each country and can differ greatly.  If you feel you need to bring an item from outside your country, you can do the research to know other expectations prior to delivery.

Please note, that we will NOT process any international packages without a local phone number, verifiable e-mail address or information that will not pass our security system processes.  We will attempt to contact you once if there are questions or missing info, but will cancel your order if we haven't heard from you or you cannot satisfactorily complete our requirements.

Please note that, unless you have chosen Express  or Air shipping, we do not guarantee delivery outside the US. Because of tracking limitations, we are never sure if the package arrived or not. UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express shipments, however, are guaranteed for delivery.

For ALL international packages, please note that you have prepaid for UPS, FedEx, DHL or Postal shipping charges only from our store to your country.   We are not responsible for any customs-related fees, nor are we aware of how each and every recipient country handles their duties, taxes and the like. Once the package leaves the US, any and all customs-related fees are your (the customer's) responsibility.  This includes, but is not limited to:  Duties, Special Processing Fees, Storage Fees, Licensing Fees, VAT Taxes, Excise Taxes or any other taxes, fees or costs your country may charge for imported goods. 

Postal Delivery Confirmation Number:

A postal number is generated when we process your package for shipment.  This is not the same tracking info you might get from FedEx or UPS when shipping via these methods.  This is generally a few scans (including pickup, receipt at the recipient's post office and delivery only) but not all points in between. When checking the number for delivery, the scans will show the package delivery date and time.   For First Class and Priority Mail, a signature is not required, so the online system will not show who received this - only that it was delivered by a US Postal Carrier to the mail box or address. When the date and time is entered, the package is officially delivered and both the shipper and are company 's responsibility is concluded. If you have questions regarding delivery of a postal package, please contact your local post office and ask about your Delivery Confirmation number.  The in-house system will show the name of the carrier and they can help research any missing items you may have.   See your order information online for a copy of the Delivery Confirmation Number.


UPS Ground: We have daily pickups (Monday - Friday) with UPS.   Shipments typically take 1 to 8 business Days to arrive at their designation.  The UPS tracking number can trace your package at many points to its destination using the tracking number you will find in your order information to be used within the UPS website. UPS delivers to most addresses not handled by the US Postal Service, but UPS cannot deliver to a P. O. Box, an FPO, APO or other military address unless the base or location is the U.S.   Please note that Ground shipments do not include any weekend deliveries.   Deliveries do not includes holiday dates (noted by UPS each year) and weekend deliveries.

UPS 3-Day Select:  Shipment typically take 3 Business Days (Monday-Friday only) to ship across the Country. Some remote areas of the Country may have delays or require additional time based upon location. We have found, for instance, some remote Tribal Reservations have added delays beyond the standard guaranteed delivery time. We are happy to check for you if you call and are in a rush to get your merchandise.   Also, UPS 3-day Select does not include the weekends for delivery times.  Please refer to to track your package using the Tracking number assigned and listed in your order history.  UPS does not deliver to Postal Boxes, but offers service to many locations that the US Postal Service cannot reach. 

UPS 2-Day Air Shipment typically take 2 to 3 Business Days (Monday-Friday only)  to arrive at your destination.   Some remote areas of the Country may have delays or require additional time for rural deliveries.   We have found, for instance, some remote Tribal Reservations have added delays beyond the standard guaranteed delivery time. We are happy to check for you if you call.  The UPS tracking number can trace your package at many points to its destination on the UPS website. UPS can deliver to many addresses not handled by the postal service. UPS can't deliver to a P.O. Box.   Please note that 2-Day Air packages do not include weekend delivery, only Monday-Friday and non-holiday dates.

UPS Next Day Air:    For those orders requiring a fast turn-around, UPS Next Day Air is the most reliable way to ship your package.  However, please call us first to verify the items can ship the same or next day so that we can meet your time requires.  For UPS Next Day Air, shipments typically take 1 to 2 days to ship across the Country (Monday-Friday only unless you have requested and paid the additional fees for a Saturday delivery).  Some remote areas of the Country may have delays due to rural deliveries, special circumstances, etc. . For best results, call us to review this information.  Please note that UPS will deliver to many areas that the US Postal Service does not cover, but UPS will not deliver to a P. O. Box.    If you need a Saturday delivery (placing an order on Friday, but needed on Saturday) please contact us before placing the order so we may quote the Saturday fees.  In some cases and areas, Saturday delivery is not possible.


If you have a Shipping Problem:

Should something get lost or show as being delivered but you can't find it, please try the following: 

For USPS services:

  • Please contact your local Post Office or Postmaster with your delivery confirmation information. They will track your package or put you in touch with your postal carrier to find the package.  Please review the delivery confirmation number via their website:
  • We also realize that there are times where things simply go missing. In those cases, please call us. We may need to assist with locating the package or handle filing a claim.
  • If a claim needs to be filed due to an item missing in shipment, we will try to refill your order as quickly as possible. For standard items, we should be able to do this quickly; certain customized items may require additional production time.

For UPS services:

  • Please contact UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS (742-5877) with your tracking number.  You may also check the status via the UPS Website: for USA deliveries including signatures, scans, releases, etc. 
  • UPS drivers determine the safety of a drop-off point for each stop and package. If they determine that it is appropriate to leave your package at your residence and this goes missing, they will not be held liable for the package loss, nor will CMS, Inc. If you feel your delivery area may not be safe or have a safe location where the driver can leave your package, you can either ship to a commercial (not a home business, however) location or request a signature request for an additional $1.75 per package. This will prevent the driver from simply leaving the package on your doorstep without a signature
  • Lastly, you can request that UPS hold the package for you at the local station for you to pick up in person if you need your item early in the morning (or before your regular delivery time). 

Order Statuses:

You will see one of the following statuses for your order when it is placed: 

Approved, Pending Shipping

Your order is pending and Order Number(s) have not yet been assigned for specific items within your purchase. Please check back again later.

Awaiting Payment

Some customers request an e-check payment through PayPal, or need to send a check from their organization. We offer both types of payment and will hold your order for up to 14 days until payment is received. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. Please note that for customized products (vests, first aid kits with logos, shirts, custom patches or pins, etc.), we do not begin processing until payment has been received. Please allow this extra time in your schedule should you need to use a check for payment.

Back-Order Delay

We always try to have ample stock levels on hand, but sometimes the requests are greater than we can handle. Should we have to put something on order to fill your request, we will change your order to "Back-Order Delay" and do our best to communicate when to expect your order to ship. Some customized items made by other manufacturers will not arrive quickly. If you need to cancel the order, please let us know. We appreciate your business and your patience when these issues arise. In Production Upon approval of payment for your order, the order will be

In Production.

Production time includes obtaining the parts, assembly or build time, and shipping preparations/transit to the carrier. Shipping preparations will vary based on type of order and size. Shipped After an order has completed the manufacturing process and shipping preparations it is transitioned to the carrier for delivery. Shipping time will vary based on type of order and size and shipping method chosen.

Cancel Order

Sometimes we have issues with orders and cannot meet your time requirements, cannot get the order as it has been discontinued or you tell us you can't move forward with the order. This will be marked as "canceled." If you pre-paid for the order using PayPal Express, your funds will be promptly refunded. All other Credit authorizations will be voided or checks will be returned.

Credit Declined

If your credit card as listed cannot be processed, our system will show that credit is declined. Please note that this can happen for a number of reasons. Please verify that all information is entered correctly including your credit card billing address, zip code for billing, credit card number, expiration date and security code as required. If you do not list any of these items correctly, your card will be declined. This can also happen directly with your account or the issuing merchant - if you have entered all things correctly, contact your merchant first. Also, please note if there are any special rules for the use of card (with Unemployment cards, HSA accounts, etc.). This may not allow the use of purchasing at any location you choose. 

We do have upon occasion, a situation where your card was authorized for the purchase, but circumstances arise that do not let the card be charged for the final amount prior to shipping. We will contact you with this information so you can contact your bank and call us back. Sometimes if a card has been used fraudulently, the bank freezes the account and you cannot use this further. In either case, call us with your request to try the card again or the information of an alternate card to use.

Fraudulent Card Use: