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ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 CLass B first aid kit in a plastic case

OSHA and ANSI Office First Aid Kit Class B Meets the new standard for employee health and safety of larger kits. As all businesses know, First Aid Kits are not optional for any business or facility. Use your existing first aid kit and replace your old-fashioned (possible expired) contents before the 2016 deadline with this value engineered option.  

Save hundreds of dollars not re-placing your large first aid box, while also saving on embarrassing fines for non-compliance.

Part Number: SS-ANSI-2015-B-REFILL

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    Why ANSI Class B First Aid Kits?

    ANSI Office First Aid Kit Class B Meets the new standard for employee health and safety of larger industry related first aid kits. As all businesses know, First Aid Kits are not optional for any business or facility. These next generation kits could make a critical difference in your next accident, disaster or act of workplace violence.Our upgrade refill solution may be your answer to saving a small fortune and improving employee and guest safety.

    ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 Class B kits supersedes some of the confusing older language in minimum first aid kit requirements where one could buy a big box on the wall (with a high piece count) that still did not meet more than minimum requirements. First Aid is more than a gauze pad in an emergency

    Class "B" First Aid Kits are required for environments where the risk of contain injuries could be complex or higher risk or also may involve more people. When someone is hurt in an office or business setting these first aid kit supplies could be critical in an emergency and provide a higher level of comfort to the employee, guest or customer.

    "By replacing the contents of your completely usable first aid box or cabinet with our Class B upgrade kit, you can quickly and economically refurbish all your first aid kits at a fraction of the cost!

    Your existing box or kit must be a minimum of 9" x 9" The first aid supplies also fit virtually all cabinet style first aid kit."

    Class B emergency first aid kits now require more standard supplies and advanced items such as a CPR shield, medical exam gloves, a tourniquet, padded splint, burn pads and antiseptic products that reduce the possibility of infection for the injured or first aider.

    It is used in construction work sites, business offices, work vehicles and shops. At a minimum, 1 kit should be placed on every floor and within easy walking distance in large spaces. (Consult your Local, State and Federal guidelines for the specifics in your area and industry)

    First Aid Kit Items


    50Adhesive Bandages 1" x 3"
    Adhesive Tape
    25Antibiotic Treatment (0.5g) Applications

    Antiseptic Treatment (0.5g) Applications

    1CPR Breathing Barrier
    Burn Dressing (Gel Soaked) 4" x 4"
    25Burn Treatment 1/32 oz. (0.9g) Applications
    Cold Pack 4"x 5" chemical pack
    2 Eye Coverings
    1 Eye Wash 4 oz.

    First Aid Guide


    Hand Sanitizer


    Medical Exam Gloves ( 4 pair)


    Roller Bandage 2" x 4yd


    Roller Bandage  4" x 4yd




    Padded Splint  4" x 24"


    Sterile Pads 3" x 3"  We upgraded this to include 4 each, two packs or 4" x 4" gauze pads    Because you deserve more.


    Sterile Trauma Pads 5" x 9"

    2Triangle Bandages 40" x 40" x56"
    1Plastic, dust proof, water resistant case with handle and 
    Mounting holes. with an identifiable label and interior contents sticker for refills.

    Ideal Locations and Industries:

    • Construction sites, job trailers, and construction vehicles
    • Building lobbies, security stands, floor disaster response cabinets, 
    • Mounted next your your company Defibrillator (AED)
    • Conference, convention areas, movie theaters, or near outdoor concession tents.

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    For Custom Company logos?

    if you include your company name we can make New First Aid Decal 6" x 9" featuring customized for you. Minimum quantity 10. provides an attractive waterproof decal that can make your reused existing kit or cabinet look like new.