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3600 Calorie Food Bar
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SOS Food Labs Item #: SOS3600 -

    Why S.O.S. 3,600 ca.Food Rations? The lightest and most compact emergency food ration. S.O.S. products require 20% less space and weigh less than other products with equivalent caloric content. An inexpensive and economical product with superior quality.Significant savings for compliance with U.S. Coast Guard and International Maritime Requirements regarding survival food rations. Dramatic savings of 10%-37% over other products for transportation, handling and storage cost due to reduced...

    Similar to the famous 36 inch SAM Splint
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    Dynarex Item #: DYN-3529 -

      Police Style Trunk First Aid Kit police, trunk first aid kit, patrol car, first aid kit, patrolman, trunk kit,
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      C.M.S. Brand products Item #: SS-PD-FAK-TRUNK -

        Box Size: 16" x 8 1/2" x 7"Features: Two accessory clear compartments and an interior lift out tray. Pad lock loop to attach break away ties (if required) Water resistant design to help keep supplies dry. Star of Life emblem for identification. Modern Nitrile gloves for your protection.