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Disaster Shelter First Aid Station

  • Disaster Shelter First Aid Station
  • Disaster Shelter First Aid Station 2 - SS49009-SHELTER2

The Shelter First Aid Station 2 is quickly becoming the national standard for disaster preparedness, and shelter management by disaster relief agencies for groups up to 500 people. This kit is designed for medical staff that more comfortable with more advanced diagnostic tools to screen and assist shelter occupants.  While not stocked as a clinic or infirmary, these supplies help to bridge the gap for expanded healthcare during an emergency with limited resources.  Combining emergency first aid and minor medical relief to victims in a shelter with diagnostic tools in the field reduces shelter management problems and ambulance transports for minor home care related issues. This kit is suggested for relief workers with current or previous EMS, RN or public health backgrounds. Supplied to not only to handle dozens of minor injuries and ailments but also to respond to most serious or life-threatening injuries until advanced transport can arrive for transport.

Part Number: SS49009-SHELTER2

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    This disaster shelter kit was designed by our disaster expert who's actually run several disaster shelters (One shelter had up to 2,000 occupants). It is appropriate for those upgrading the preparedness of schools, disaster shelters, community centers, commercial high-rise buildings and public facilities. Frequently purchased by disaster response agencies and communities as the national standard for, shelters and Emergency Medical Stations.

    When a disaster shelter is activated, it needs to be supplied and set up within 2-3 hours.The days of waiting for shelter supplies to arrive from out of state are over. Every community should at minimum, have a disaster shelter nursing kit of this quality for each potential shelter either pre-positioned or in their response trailers ready for use.

    Each community should have at least some supplies and organization to immediately open such shelters until they can be taken over by disaster relief agencies (Red Cross, Salvation Army etc.) Unfortunately most Red Cross Chapters don't have the supplies on hand or staff to set up a shelter of more than 100 people, much less opening multiple shelters without additional supplies (some times days away from the disaster)

    Our Shelter First Aid Station II functions as a one-kit solution when setting up the shelter and will handle dozens of minor injuries and ailments as well as up to 5 persons with major injuries. Laypeople and skilled professionals alike have appreciated the generous selection. This expanded kit features additional professional quality tools including a pulse oximeter, glucometer, otoscope and additional diagnostic tools to help identify more quickly ill shelter residents.

    Users can work on both major or multiple trauma injuries when help may be delayed as well as standard minor injuries with all age patients.

    Shipping Information for the Disaster Shelter First Aid Station 2 as follows:

    • Shipping box is 36" x 18" x 18" and is approximately 50 lbs. this is an oversize box for UPS and FedEx.
    • When ordering large quantities they ship by a pallet 40" x 52" x 96" with 15 units (approximately 790 lbs) per pallet.
    • On a 53" trailer we can ship about 24 pallets (360 Kits) per full load


    2 Each CPR Microshield/FaceShield
    2 Each Pocket/MicroMask
    1 Each Berman Oral Airway Set
    5 Each Paper Bags
    1 Each Disposable Bag Valve Mask

    Medical Instruments/Tools

    1 Each Blood Pressure Cuff - Adult, Ped, Large Adult (Latex Free)
    2 Each Stethoscopes
    1 Each Adult Pulse Oximeter

    1 Each Glucometer and test strips

    1 Each Penlight Otoscope
    2 Each Penlights (with pupil gauge)
    2 Each Digital Thermometers
    1 Each Box 100 - Thermometer Covers
    2 Each EMT Shears (1 Lg, 1 Sm)
    1 Each 4.5" Lister Bandage Scissors
    2 Each 3.5" Splinter Forceps
    1 Each Splinter Tweezers with Magnifier
    1 Each Latex-Free Tourniquet
    144 Each Safety Pins

    Minor Wound Management

    1 Box Strip Bandages (100), Knuckles (100), Fingertips (100), Kid's Strips (100)
    10 Each Butterfly Bandages
    100 Each Cotton-Tipped Applicators (Sterile)
    2 Each Sterile Wound Closure Strips
    100 Each BZK Antiseptic Towelettes
    100 Each Tongue Depressors (Sterile)


    1 Each 36" Padded Aluminum Splint
    2 Each Cardboard Splints (12", 18", 24", 34")
    12 Each Triangular Bandages with pins
    2 Each Adjustable Neck Collars (1 - Adult, 1 - Pediatric)
    2 Each Padded Finger Splints

    Burn Module

    10 Each Non-adherent Dressings
    1 Each WaterJel Burn Ointment - 4 oz.
    5 Each Sterile Water Packs
    1 Each WaterJel 4" x 4" Burn Dressing
    1 Each WaterJel 8" x 18" Burn Dressing

    Infectious Control Module

    1 Box Nitrile Exam Gloves - Small, Medium, Large
    100 Each Antimicrobial Wipes
    1 Each Antibacterial Liquid Soap
    100 Each Alcohol Wipes
    1 Each Sharps Container
    2 Each Disposable Emesis Basins
    1 Each Spill Clean-up Kit
    5 Each Infectious Control Bags
    10 Each Mask/Faceshield Combos
    2  Pair Goggles/Glasses
    50 Each Earloop Facemasks
    10 Each Disposable Gowns

    Bandage Materials

    50 Each Sterile 4" x 4" Gauze Pads (2/pks)
    50 Each Sterile 2" x 2" Gauze Pads (2/pks)
    200 Each Non-sterile 4" x 4" Gauze Pads
    10 Each 5" x 9" ABD Combine Pads
    12 Each 2" Conforming Gauze Rolls (Non-sterile)
    12 Each 3" Conforming Gauze Rolls (Sterile)
    12 Each 4" Conforming Gauze Rolls (Non-Sterile)
    2 Each Sterile 4" Krinkle Gauze Rolls
    10 Each Feminine Napkins
    1 Each Elastic Bandages with clips (2", 3", 4" - Latex Free)
    1 Each 1", 2" x 10 yds. Porous Tape
    1 Each 1", 2" x 10 yds. Surgical Tape
    1 Each 10" x 30" Trauma Dressing
    1 Each Bloodstopper Bandage

    Eye Care & Irrigation Module

    2 Each 4 oz. Eye Wash
    2 Each 12 oz. Eye Wash
    4 Each Sterile Eye Pads
    1 Each 60cc Irrigation Syringe

    Topicals Module

    24 Each Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packs
    24 Each Hydrocortisone Cream Packs
    1 Each Anti-Itch Lotion
    12 Each Sting relief pads
    50 Each PVP Wipes
    1 Each 4 oz. Lice Shampoo
    2 Each Lice Combs
    10 Each Instant Cold Packs
    10 Each Instant Heat packs
    10 Each Foil Blankets

    OTC Medication Module

    3 Each Glucose Servings
    Aspirin - 2/pks
    Ibuprofen - 2/pks
     4 oz. Children's Ibuprofen Liquid
    Acetaminophen - 2/pks
    4 oz. Children's Acetaminophen Liquid
    Bismuth - 2/pks
    Cough Drops
    Stool Softener tablets
    Diamode tablets