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an overstock warehouse of emergency preparedness products The items in this area are here for several reasons including:
  • From to time to time our warehouse gets overstocked with odd quantities of items we are discontinuing. Some of these are the last of our inventory and are taking up space.
    A few are returned items, no longer in original packaging or have a blemish but are completely functional.
    On occasion we have new first aid kits with a few inexpensive items that are either close to there expiration dates or have expired. We could refill these items in the kits and sell them at full price or sell them to our customers at great bargain prices. The customer just buys the few loose items and puts them in their kit themselves when they arrive.
    We have perfectly good emergency food and water that has less than three years left on the expiration date. (in a new kit we generally like to put in product that is closest to 4-5 year Coast Guard date)
    All our vests are custom imprinted per each customer's request, but on occasion, an extra vest is made by mistake or in the wrong color. Again we could re-title the vest or blow them out at great savings. Our extra vest or bag may be just what your company or agency has been looking for - at about half the price.

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2/0 Marine Grade Battery Cable RED Per Foot
Retail: $9.80
Your Price: $6.90
Availability: Closeout / Discontinued Item
Item #: ABR-2-0-RED -

    Anchor 2/0 Marine Grade Battery Cable In Red. Boats Rvs and other systems run more equipment than ever before. You can't afford to lose a half volt (or more) due to shoddy wiring or old internally corroded wires. Many boat owners don't know that the wiring in a saltwater boat begins to oxidize due to electrolysis. Yes it may look fine on the outside but the voltage and amperage tells a different be completely replaced every 25 years as the wiring under the insulation This is the gold standard...

    SpragueLite Stethoscope
    Retail: $17.95
    Your Price: $15.95
    Availability: available for order
    Prestige Medical Item #: PM124 -

      The EMT Kit EMT Kit. emt first aid kit, EMS Kit, e.m.t. kit, paramedic kit, trauma kit, jump kit, nurses first aid kit, nurse, jump bag, "first aid trauma kit"
      Retail: $235.95
      Your Price: $189.95
      Availability: Assembled for You Once Ordered
      AllThingsFIRSTAID Brand Item #: SS-EMT1 -

        EMT 1 Trauma First Aid Kit from Description  QuantityAirway ManagementPocket Style CPR Mask with O2 port1Oral Airway Set (Berman)1Infection ControlNitrile Gloves24 Hand Sanitizer Packets12Eye/Face Shield Combos2Molded Face mask2Infectious Control Bags2Minor Wound Care1 x 3 Adhesive bandages32Extra Large Plastic bandages10Knuckle Bandages10Fingertip Bandages10Butterfly Closure Strips10 1" surgical Silk style tape1 1" Surgical Transparent Tape1Bandaging and...

        Unitized Instant Cold Pack  -double
        Your Price: $1.75
        Availability: In-stock
        Item #: HP41802 -

          Rolled Wire Splint
          Your Price: $3.25
          Availability: In-stock
          Item #: HP41819 -

            VCR Guard
            Retail: $13.95
            Your Price: $11.95
            Availability: Closeout / Discontinued Item
            Parent Units Item #: PU01213 -

              Weekender folding camping or disaster shelter cot
              Retail: $129.95
              Your Price: $99.95
              Availability: In-stock
              Stansport Item #: SPT-G72 -