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SafetyStore Deluxe Preparedness kit

Our deluxe emergency preparedness kit wasn't designed by a marketing person!  In fact, it was one of the first products our experts designed when we started the website back in 1995.  While imitated by competitors, has made constant improvements for two decades to our trademarked emergency kit.  Keep reading to learn more.

"Everyday in our Country over 500 people are forced to evacuate due to an emergency or disaster. Do you have what you need - right now?"

Lots of people say, "One of these days I will get that stuff" but buying these items individually is more time consuming than people realize. Do you get this at a camping store? and who can answer your questions about disasters.

At we have made this simple and affordable.

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    While these kits are known by many names:

    • Emergency Preparedness Kits
    • Earthquake Kit
    • Hurricane Kit
    • Storm Kit
    • 72 Hour Kits
    • Blizzard Kit

    The contents of the Deluxe Preparedness Kit make a real difference if you are stranded or forced to evacuate due to a emergency of disaster.  This emergency kit provides emergency food, water, (for 3 days) light, warmth, first aid supplies and much more to assist you in an emergency. Your supplies are all in one convenient carrying pack.  Place one in your home, office, car or school for each family member. 

    Remember, you are usually close to your car wherever you travel.

    Kit Contents:

    1   each Deluxe Insulated bag with strap (protects your supplies in heat and cold)
    1   each 3600 cal food bar (3 bars per day for 3 days)
    18 each emergency water pouches
    3   each 12-hour Chemical Lightsticks (non-toxic. kid safe)
    1   each Emergency foil blanket
    1   each Rain Poncho
    1   each Signal Whistle 1
    1   each high-quality dust masks 
    1   each note paper and pencil
    2   each tissue packet
    1   each Radio with batteries
    1   each information booklet
    2   each chemical heat warmer
    1   each Mini First Aid Kit with a nice selection of personal first aid items and exam quality gloves in a waterproof resealable bag.