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Includes personal protection items for the clean-up of blood or body fluid spills. Encapsulating and containing potentially infectious spills helps reduce employee exposure to infectious waste, as well as possible cross-contamination of co-workers, customers or family members.

Packaged in a poly bag for easy inclusion with your first aid or trauma kit, BBP kit, bus kit or more! Case prices for quantities of 24 or more - see pricing discounts.
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    Each Kit Contains:
    Large vinyl gloves
    • 10g. Red Z™ Solidifier
    • Scoop/Scraper
    • SaniZide Plus
    Germicidal Wipe
    p.a.w.s.® Antimicrobial Hand Wipe
    • C-fold towel
    • Red Bio-hazard Bag
    • Twist Ties
    • and instructions

    Kits subject to change without notice.