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At, all orders must be prepaid prior to shipment. While we are happy to reference any internal numbers you require for proper receiving (Grant number, Purchase Order number, Accounting codes, etc.), we do not accept these in lieu of prepayment.  For other exceptions, see below.

We have no minimums when purchasing from our site.  Please see the quantity discounts on most items for larger purchases - these are applicable to all prepaying customers.

Domestic Orders

Credit Cards
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit Cards and certain gift cards that work as generic Visa and/or Mastercards. Please note that certain Health Spending Account-issued cards or Unemployment-issued cards may not work online or with merchants outside of the issuer’s accepted vendor list.
For non-customized items, credit cards are charged once the order is ready for shipment.  For customized items, credit cards are charged before putting these items into production. 

We accept PayPal payments for all purchases. You must enter your payment information at the time the order is placed or the order will be voided.

Prepayment Check
We gladly accept group and corporate checks for payment. If your Accounting or Finance Department requires a Form W-9, send us an e-mail and this will be forwarded promptly. All checks must be drawn as follows:

Payable to: “Crisis Management Systems, Inc."
Mailed to:    2919 Idlewood Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22901-1123

For a final invoice copy or any other documentation required to write your check, call us or send an e-mail with your requests. Check payments MUST include shipping and any applicable Virginia taxes or they will be returned promptly, and the order will be voided.

Checks that are rejected due to insufficient funds will be charged an additional $25.00 fee and unresolved payments issues will be referred to a credit agency.

International Orders

Payment may be made via Credit Cards, Paypal or Wire Transfer (amounts over $5000.00 only). We do not accept international checks under any circumstance. Payments must be received before items will ship.

For Wire Transfers, please contact us for a final invoice amount and wire transfer information. Upon completion, please e-mail us with the transaction number, date of transfer and amount. Production on kits or vests does not begin until all funds have been received.

Please do not send payment until you have all shipping costs (if not shown) included.  We will return the amount and cancel the order if this amount is incorrect. 

All Orders

Please note that our pricing and discount structure is based upon customer prepayment only. We are happy to provide premium service, quick turn-around, consulting services where needed, design ideas, artwork, customized products and more – but this is based upon prepayment.

In certain cases, we have distributors that may be able to accept your Purchase Order and work within your Purchasing/Payment system. You must, however, pass their credit approval processes; they will also establish the new pricing structure as our online prices will not apply to your purchase. For more questions, please e-mail us at: and reference “Purchase Order request” in your subject line. Please note that not all items can be purchased using this method. is a division of Crisis Management Systems, Inc.