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Emergency water in 500 ml bottles

  • Emergency water in 500 ml bottles
  • Emergency Water 16 oz bottle - SOS-16
This is real purified emergency water ready to use for drinking, cooking and/or first aid uses. Unlike opening multiple foil packages, these 500 ml. (about 16 oz.) bottles are convenient and feature the same long shelf life as our other Disaster ready water.

Use for:
  • Disaster Preparedness Supplies. Remember optimally 3 gallons of water per person, per day.
  • Emergency first aid needs
  • Car or RV safety or Winter travel safety supplies; great to keep in the trunk of your car with emergency food, blankets, repair tools, flashlights etc. should your family get stuck out on a road overnight.
  • Boat Survival Supplies Even if you are a recreational boater, you could get grounded or strained. Boaters leaving the dock often forget that dehydration is a real possibility. Having emergency supplies in your boat or plane can make the difference between a "weekend mis-adventure" and a tragic ordeal. 
Part Number: SOS-16

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     Price Each 

    • 25 bottles per case 33 lbs. per case (Dimensions: 15" x 13.5" x 6")
    • 50 cases per pallet (1,700 lbs per pallet)
    (Remember, most full trailers ship a max. of 20,000 lbs.)
    As the cost of shipping cases and pallets of food or water is very expensive and fluctuates almost daily, you must call for current shipping prices to your location(s) We are happy to quote freight from us or use your shipping accounts to arrange the best pricing for your needs.

    ATTENTION Purchasing Dept.: When buying large quantities (20 plus cases or full pallets) This product is sold on a first-come, first-sold basis. Emergency food and water is manufactured as it's needed for customers. The manufacturer can only make a set amount of product each day. The process to make a bottled emergency water takes hours and requires the right mix of special packaging materials and quality control to ensure long-lasting high-quality product.

    Their is no stock pile available at any factory to supply tons of finished product already sitting on trailers waiting for the day of your major disaster. They can't just put on another shift to produce more because now an agency wants to buy it. You and your agency must budget and plan (and pre-pay) for any large order before your disaster.

    (The above answer is not meant to be rude, it is based on years last minute requests by government agencies and corporations (during each disaster) that believe that these products can be bought on a phone call and a Purchase Order)