Over a Decade of Caring to Help You Care

Doesn't your Company Have an AED?

An AED at your business, school, community center or house of worship can make a real difference for someone that is having a heart attack. Learn More

Marine Medical Kits for Sailing and boating

First Responder Kit

None of us get to schedule an ACCIDENT. Your phone does not have an APP for that! Our First Responder Kit works well for most emergencies until more advanced help arrives.Learn more here. 

For more advanced professionals, we also have a great selection of EMT First Aid kits, medical kits, and paramedic trauma kits and supplies for all skill levels. 

All Things First Aid

Since 1999 we have used our real-world experience to help our customers get just the right first aid and medical supplies to meet their needs and skill level. From weekend camping trip to Office first aid kits to supplying  disaster shelter medical kits for large national disasters around the world, we understand your needs and are here to help.

We are your resource for First Aid Kits, EMS Supplies and Medical Gear.
  • First Aid Kits from Basic to Paramedic 
  • Home Use to Emergency Preparedness to Specialized Hobbies and Sports
  • Hundreds of first aid items and medical tools
  • Large-event and disaster level response kits and systems
  • Medical/EMS/Fire apparel and uniform accessories

I love my products!

Our School Nurse First Aid Kits look great!  We also received the otoscopes and Nurse clipboards (which I love).  E Gomez, VA


 My class is very happy with the nursing graduation lamps I bought from Your staff are very professional and helpful making this day special for us. Tim D, NY

Just a Pleasure

Thanks for always being such a pleasure to do business with. Kevin D, TX

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