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Maybe you're an EMT student, in a firefighter or police training program, wilderness enthusiast, or student nurse. You are gaining some knowledge, getting professional training and learning to use the tools that make a difference in a medical emergency.

You need to have a good selection of First Responder equipment as a basic kit to really understand, become comfortable and even provide some first aid to injury while you are getting your training.

Instead of waiting until graduation day, get started by getting to choose from a great selection of first aid & trauma kits for the budding Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced Medic, Nursing Student, Pre-Med or modern Fire Fighter Probie.  The right starting supplies and diagnostic tools can make positive difference in your education. Our expert-designed trauma kits are ready to go.   
You have training, you work on a rig, or the floor etc. and all your friends, family and neighbors know it.  The problem for you is that when someone does get hurt, YOU are the first one they get to fix things.  But of course either no one has any first aid supplies or they hand you a crumby store brand first aid box with a few band-aids and expect you assess and play "trauma center" until the real help arrives. All eyes are on you, but you have nothing useful to work with.  To spectators it all looks so easy doesn't it?

Stop getting caught like this! No one needs to drag an ambulance of supplies around with them. It just makes sense to have the quality tools and just enough supplies that medical and professional rescuers need in the trunk ready to go.
You're been there, done that and  gotten too many tee-shirts and praise back in the day.  Just because you don't work as a rescuer or medical professional these days, doesn't mean that you can't lend an experienced hand until 911 teams arrive. 

You too expect and deserve a great quality first aid kit with good diagnostic tools to make that difference.  Someone gets injured, or a disaster strikes, you know how important your knowledge and a trusted kit of medical supplies will help calm a situation.

You are not trying to replace 911 or an E.R. But until help arrives you have the basic gear to stop bleeding, care for burns, C.P.R, assess and protect yourself to give some meaningful citizen response.

Look to us for the kits, supplies and quality tools folks like you really ask for!

we have your Pre-hospital solution

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First Responder Lite Medical Kit EMT kit, RC-2343; 2343, Rothco, Trauma kit, New EMT, EMS, CERT, Paramedic, Sport First Aid Kit, Soccer, First Responder Medical Kit, First aid kit, Travel medical kit, Group medical Kit
Retail: $74.95
Was: $69.95
Sale: $65.95
Availability: In-stock
AllThingsFIRSTAID Item #: SS-2343 -

      Qnty     Item   16   1" x 3" Adhesive Plastic Bandages  16      Knuckle and Fingertip Bandages  2  Triangular Sling/Bandages  2  Sterile 3" Rolled Gauze  1  Bloodstopper-style Bandage  4  2" x 2" Gauze Dressing Pads (2/pk)  2  3" x 3" Gauze Dressing Pads (2/pk)  4  4" x 4" Gauze Dressing Pads (2/pk)  2  5" x 9" Ab Trauma Pad  2  Sterile Eye...

    First Responder First Aid Kit (1st Responder)
    Retail: $129.95
    Was: $99.95
    Sale: $79.95
    Availability: Assembled for You Once Ordered
    AllThingsFIRSTAID Item #: SS2002FR -

      Whether you want a comprehensive first aid kit for disaster preparedness, the office, car or are a First Responder, you need to have reliable emergency equipment and supplies with you. This kit contains supplies for CPR, bleeding, burns, eye care, splinting and much more. Our First Responder kit comes well-packed in a rugged bag with shoulder strap in an "easy-to-grab-and-go" bag at a great price.  We have been making this kit for more than a decade; our customers include scout...

      Immediate Responder Trauma kit  in closed position
      Retail: $399.95
      Your Price: $349.95
      Availability: Assembled for You Once Ordered
      AllThingsFIRSTAID Item #: SSFATK8 -

        The Immediate Responder Trauma First Aid Backpack is a complete system. The kit was originally designed for company safety personnel, first aid departments, executive disaster preparedness and Emergency Response Teams that would need to go to injured persons and provide care on the scene. The backpack is organized into 8 sections (6 color coded compartments attached by hook and loop Velcro) and packed based on the type of injury. Easy to carry with the side handles or use the backpack straps....

        First Aid Kit Property of Patch
        Retail: $14.95
        Your Price: $10.95
        Availability: Custom Production
        C.M.S. Item #: SS-FAPORP -

          Trauma Back Pack
          Retail: $279.95
          Your Price: $219.95
          Availability: In-stock
          C. M. S. Item #: RRTB-EMPTY -

            Immediate Responder Trauma kit  in closed position
            Retail: $699.95
            Your Price: $599.95
            Availability: Assembled for You Once Ordered
            AllThingsFIRSTAID Item #: SS-RRTB -

              Team MedicPRO First Aid Kit with Accessory Fanny Pack
              Retail: $249.95
              Your Price: $199.50
              Availability: Assembled for You Once Ordered
              AllThingsFIRSTAID Item #: SSTMP001 -

                The EMT Kit EMT Kit. emt first aid kit, EMS Kit, e.m.t. kit, paramedic kit, trauma kit, jump kit, nurses first aid kit, nurse, jump bag, "first aid trauma kit"
                Retail: $235.95
                Your Price: $189.95
                Availability: Assembled for You Once Ordered
                AllThingsFIRSTAID Item #: SS-EMT1 -

                  EMT 1 Trauma First Aid Kit from Description  QuantityAirway ManagementPocket Style CPR Mask with O2 port1Oral Airway Set (Berman)1Infection ControlNitrile Gloves24 Hand Sanitizer Packets12Eye/Face Shield Combos2Molded Face mask2Infectious Control Bags2Minor Wound Care1 x 3 Adhesive bandages32Extra Large Plastic bandages10Knuckle Bandages10Fingertip Bandages10Butterfly Closure Strips10 1" surgical Silk style tape1 1" Surgical Transparent Tape1Bandaging and...

                  Millennium Advanced First Aid Trauma Kit
                  Retail: $999.95
                  Your Price: $849.95
                  Availability: Assembled for You Once Ordered
                  AllThingsFIRSTAID Item #: SSMILLENNIUM -

                    Modules Include:Medical and Diagnostic toolsEye Care Minor WoundHeating and cold packs Major Wound CareBurn Care Topicals Splinting Materials Specialty Sub-kits for OB and TriageEach box is 36" x 18" x 18" and weight approximately 50 lbs. Kit is built in a 36" rolling duffel. When purchased in multiples, we can pack 15 kits on a pallet. Pallet size is 44" x 52" x 95". ...

                    Medical supplies responder first aid kit
                    Retail: $199.95
                    Your Price: $145.95
                    Availability: available for order
                    Fieldtex Item #: FT-911-83711-10045 -

                      An extensive assortment of first aid kit with additional medical supplies, including a CPR mask, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. Bag features large main compartment with removable divider, 2 side pockets, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Shipping Weight: 7.00 poundsDimensions: 18"L x 10.5"H x 6"D

                      O2 admin kit with many parts shown
                      Retail: $379.95
                      Your Price: $299.95
                      Availability: In-stock
                      AllThingsFIRSTAID Item #: SS-Oxy-1 -

                        O2 Oxygen Administration Kit Description  Quantity  Niltrile Gloves (Pair) 6 Cleansing Towelettes - with alcohol 12  Oral Airway Set (6 piece Berman) 1  Disposable Bag Valve Mask (BVM) with O2 Lead 1  Pocket Style CPR mask with O2 Lead 1  Nasal Cannula 3  Pediatric Cannula 3  Adult High Concentration Mask 3  Adult Medium Concentration Mask 3 Pediatric High Concentration Mask 1 Pediatric Medium Concentration Mask 1 4" x 4" Gauze pads (2/pack) 6...