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Lifeline Medical Evacuation Kit

A required kit by many care facilities in NY. This emergency medical kit features basic first aid supplies for an evacuation of patients and guests. The kit also includes a medical imprint and the facilities name added at no extra charge.

This kit is in use at Mermaid Manor for use in these care facilities, but at almost half the price of any competitor. Note: If you are trying to meet this requirement, please see our customized armbands that several facilities are using to comply. You can choose a color and we even put your facility name or position on the armbands for the same low price.

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    The Lifeline Medical
    Evacuation First Aid Kit

    Description Quantity

    Cleansing and Flushing Products

    Antiseptic Wound Wipes 20
    Isotonic Solution (eye/skin wash)
    16 oz

    Reducing Infection of Minor Wounds

    Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets 9


    5" x 9" Sterile ABD Dressing Pads 10
    Multi-Trauma Dressing. 10" x 30" 1
    4" x 4" Gauze Sponges Sterile 2 pads per pack 10 Packs
    4" x 4" Gauze Sponges Non-sterile 200
    Sterile Wet Burn Dressings 2


    1" x 3" Adhesive Bandages, Sterile 16
    3" x 4.1 yards Gauze Roll, sterile 6
    Triangle Bandage 2
    1"x 10 Yards, surgical tape 1
    Butterfly bandage closures, sterile 5
    12" Splints 2
    Finger Splints, moldable padded 2


    Latex Exam Gloves, each 12
    Pre-moistened disinfecting hand towelettes 12

    Miscellaneous Tools & Supplies

    Instant Cold Packs 2
    EMT/ Paramedic Shears 7 1/2" 1
    Tweezers 1
    First Aid Guide 1
    Tablet & Pen 1 each 1
    Triage (marker) tags
    and includes our exclusive triage tally sheet with marker
    The Medical Pack
    The Lifeline Medical Kit is housed in a zippered sport duffel style bag
    carry handles and detachable shoulder straps for easy carrying
    during evacuations or drills the rugged bag is identified by a
    medical symbol and the name of your facility added
    - all at no extra a charge